Great Wolf Lodge.(PART2)

Hello, today I am writing a blog about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

The Great Wolf Lodge if you didn’t know is a Water Park/Hotel (mostly around America but there are some in other places).

So we went to the Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday and Sunday and left on Monday (and then there was a break and all that so I didn’t post for awhile).

When we got to the Hotel I had to stay in the car for a bit so I presume that the rest of the group (London, Julie, Mom, and Todd) checked in.

We got to the hotel and it was (drumroll plays) Pretty Neat there was a restaurant that looked like a Ginger Bread House and there was a few other things like a Candy Shop, a Gift Shop and more.

We got in the elevator up to the room and the room was really cool because it had a TV and it was sort of Themed.

We went to the water park and it was great they had a Funnely Ride (The Howlin’ Tornado), a Race Ride (Mountain Edge Raceway), a Stand Up then the ground falls Ride (Wolf Tail) and a Cool but Simple  Water slide (Alberta Falls).

Mu favourite was The Howlin’ Tornado because you get REALLY wet and that’s awesome.

This is the end of the blog I hope you enjoyed blog out tommorow!


(We will be doing a thing where we fix our blogs on Thursday just so you know!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun. What is happening to your Thursday Blogs? I really missed seeing your Blogs so keep up the good work. Hugs GrannyXX PS I love you

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