Hi today my blog is about Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy this blog.

Common activities are, trick or treating, costume parties, bobbing for apples, Haunted houses, and watching horror ,watching movies like, Halloween. I cant wait to trick or treat. My costume is a Werewolf , My moms is QuickSilver, Todds has a ghille suit to scare people, My brothers is Scream, My younger sister is the devil, and my Oldest is a witch. Hope fully I can go early to hit my cul-des-ac. Hope fully I hit alot of houses by night. Everyone who is done we go to walk back with them but keep on going. I cant wait to go. My mom is going to MGA to drop off stuff and lets us do their event. My favorite candy is Snickers bars. Hopefully I get a ton of candy to trade with family.

The holiday was also known as All Hallows’ Eve. I loved halloween as a kid and still love it now. But next year i’m not trick or treating. I’ll be handing out candy while playing video games. Hopefully  I can scare some people next but hopefully Todd gets to scare people today.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and I will write one soon

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