Today I will be blogging about the dwarf planet is our solar system Haumea, also most likely the most strange.

  1. Haumea is the third closest dwarf planet to the sun.
  2. Haumea is the most oval-shaped dwarf planet in the solar system which must have been at least one billion years. Wich also makes its day last 3.9 hours, the shortest planet.
  3. Haumea orbit takes 283.28 years.
  4. Haumea name is after the Hawaiian goddess of child-birth and fertility.
  5. Its moons are most likely came from a collision, making Haumea have a strange rotation and shape.
  6.  Haumea’s moon, Hi’iaka, in Hawaiian mythology it is the goddess of dance.
  7. Haumea’s other moon, Namaka also Haumea’s other daughter, it is the goddess of water and the sea.
  8. Haumea may have outer moons, due to the collision but it inset certain.                                                 Image of Haumea
  9. Its is mostly comprises of ice and rock, but it has a red spot. Most likely it is a lot of minerals and carbon.
  10. It was discovered by 28th December 2004 either Mike Brown & team or José Luis Ortiz Moren & team.
  11. Its temperature is on average -401.8 degrees Fahrenheit or -241 degrees Celsius.
  12.  is also the most dense dwarf planet.
  13. It also has rings, most likely because of the Collision.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. I do not know why but the format if a little of when image is at the left.

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