Hello everyone, Today I am going to be talking about headphones. I have had a lot of pairs some were earbuds though so they don’t count. I think they are useful and their most common tasks they do a pretty good job at. I haven’t had a precessional pair like Beats by Dr Dre or Turtle Beach but my are still pretty good. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write tommorow

Headphones are a accessory for music and gaming. It can be used for other stuff but these are the most common uses. I use them for both but the pair I use are for gaming. Gaming headphones (Also called headsets) usually have a mic so you can talk to people in websites with a talk feature like Skype and discord or The games Talk feature if the game includes one.

I have only had one pair with a mic but it broke so now I am getting a brand new pair. The headphone come from the company Sades. Their pairs are pretty good and Good for when you are on a budget or just don’t want to buy an expensive pair. I think they are great and they usually have a lot of review so their rating are accurate. I got my last pair for my last birthday which was 6 months ago. They had good sound quality and the mic was good.


Have a nice day and I will write tommorow on something similar to headphones.



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