Hel (Underworld and person) Norse mythology

Today I am blogging about another realm, Hel with the underworld, not the ruler, also called Hel.

There are more than 1 place to go when you die (I will blog about those too. You go to Hel if you died by old age or sickness. All writing about the road to Hel wasn’t very descriptive, you have to go up the road to get to hel. Also Hel is deep underground, like graves (I don’t where its under but its under) and extremely cold, also like bodies.

Hel the person is part giantess and part goddess, she is also half dead and half alive. She is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda, she is the sister of Ferir and The world Serpent, Jormungand. Hel is presented as greedy, harsh, cruel and selfish. Still not much is known about her, but she is said to be by Snorri ( A common Norse mythology writer at that time) half alive and half dead also in appearance but on both sides of her face to look grim and fierce. Like her left side is alive and her other half is decaying and dark. (I hope that makes sense)

Sorry for the lack of image because all of the images are fanart of Hel in Marvel, or are really low resolution. I hope you enjoyed my blog about Hel the place and person. Also there is not much on either the place or the person because if there was the writing was destroyed (I do not know how).

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