High Arches

http://www.docpods.com/high-arched-feet-pes-cavus-inverted-foot-typesToday my blog is about High Arches because I have high arches. The way i found out I had high arches was when I put any pressure on my feet while wearing shoes they would hurt. Today my high arch insole came and my feet feel way better!                                                                                                                     High arches affect about 20% of the population and it makes it harder to fit into shoes and also shortens your foot if you have it. It is a genetic condition or it can be due to a disease that is mussel or nerve related. It makes it more painful to put pressure on feet while wearing shoes or being barefoot on a flat surface. It can make it slightly easier to walk up slopes but painful to walk on any flat surface. Another symptom is Hammertoes ( It makes your feet into a fist basically because there is more pressure on toes) . High arches may make your feet less stable while walking and give you a higher likelihood of a ankle sprain. It can be fixed, usually with braces, Orthotic devices or shoe insoles, but if its necessary you may              ( Image of high arches )                       need surgery. It can get worse with age or disease worsening.                                                                                                                                               I hope you all enjoyed my blog. I do not know what my next blog will be about.

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