Honeybee the cat with no eyes

Honey bee is a cat who has NO eyes at all but she is very very very interesting because she finds her way around places they would’nt let her in the corn maze so she did the pumpkin maze also she takes a while on hikes because she wanted to smell everything also when she is tired she rides her owners or humans back she squirms when she wants to go down again honey bee also loves human Loves them also she is very smart very very very smart she got to pick their pumpkin she loves other cats and kittens my mom thinks it is amazing which i do to peace outHoney-Bee-In-the-Pumpkin-Patch-750x562honeybee0 (1)images (2) blind-cat-best-hiking-buddy-out-there__big_no hqdefault (2) blind-cat-1-800 0 (1)

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