How Coffee Pots Work.

Hello, today I am going to write a blog from an Idea I got from Todd, so today I am going to write about “How Coffee Pots Work”.

  1. There is a Tank that holds the water that you pour into it when you start the process of making coffee. At the bottom of the bucket there is a hole, thats role will be important later in the process.
  2. There is a Tube that goes up from the Tanks base, carrying the warm waters up to the drip area.
  3. There is a nozzle. The water comes from that nozzle from the Tube and is sprayed over the coffee grounds.

So thats how a Coffee Pot works (Exciting right?)!

This is the end of the blog hope you enjoyed if you didn’t thats fine there are probably thousands of other blogs you could read.

Also the Featured image is brought to you by our coffee pot.

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