How question for writing.

Today my blog will be the how question. The reason why this question matters is it explains how everything works and how the people work. This matter because sat their handwriting is messy, they are likely to not easily be able to organize their thoughts.

How did the town break down? How did she talk around little kids and adults? How does he walk? How does the town work (Like is everyone a jerk or friendly or common personalities.) How does the town look? How neat does his house look? How did she break her arm? How does she look when she yells? How rude do they act when focusing and interrupted? How does his handwriting look? This one doesn’t have to be so specific to ‘how does he eat cake’, that would be stupid unless you actually need to know that for personality. Dont ask the how question unless its needed.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, Im not going to edit it because it makes sense to me, after this Im blogging about roman gods. Please only comment errors. When I blog about Roman Gods the first one will be about Janus, the roman god of change.

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