How to get a passport in the Usa.

This is how you get passports in the U.s.a.

  1. Fill out a form either; DS-11 (Which means: you are Applying for the first time, a child under 16 applying or renewing, an Applicant 16-17 applying, or you are not eligible for DS-82) DS-82 (Renewing an adult passport) or DS-5504 (Changing a name within a year, Correcting a passport error, Replacing a limited validity passport within one or two years).
  2. Collecting your supporting documents (You’ll need; Citizen evidence, Identification, Proof of relationship (for children under 16) the specific documents may vary depending on what form you’re using .
  3. You need a 2” by 2” color passport photo.
  4. Passport fees depend on a bunch of factors.
  5. Then finally Submit.

I wrote this blog because we’re going to ENGLAND! We are leaving October 24 and leaving November 9th, while were there we are going on the eye, having Halloween and more. This is the end of my blog so BYE.

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