How to sleep on Christmas Eve

When your a kid, it was hard to sleep on Christmas Eve because Christmas is the next day and your brain is too excited from knowing you have presents. So today, I’m going to write about ways to stay asleep on Christmas Eve.

Tiring yourself out

When your trying to sleep you have all of this pent-up energy. A tip to become tired or have less energy is to exercise so you don’t have as much energy. Another thing to do if you have a lot before sleeping do as many pushups, sit-ups, Jumping jacks, etcetera in one sitting, you’ll be tired and ready to sleep.

Think about something else

Also when your sleeping, you will still be excited just because it about to be Christmas and your excited to open presents. A way to do this is try and make it harder to peek and think about something else like cookies and tell yourself it’s a normal nice or if you fall asleep you can open Christmas faster. Another thing to tell you is at 7am you can go downstairs and wait to open presents. For me I have to wait to 9am since Todd has to get home from work.

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