I am joining Boy Scouts tonight…

I am joining Boy Scouts tonight because I know the troop leaders son and he is my friend and he goes to my school called Denver Options. I already have my uniform and 3 badges and my mother is going to sew them on. I can’t wait to earn badges. London is joining Boy Scout with me and were somewhat excited to go but mostly for the badges because they look cool. The badges I wan’t to get are

-Game Design badge

-Aviation Badge

-Cubs Scouts badge (sadly I cant get it but I want it)

-Boy Scouts badge

-Varsity Scouts badge (Sadly I’m not old enough)

-Venturing Badge  (Sadly I’m not old enough)

-Sea Scouting  (Sadly I’m not old enough)

-Scout Buddy System Badge

-Disabilities Awareness Badge

-Electric Badge

-Dog Care Badge

-Animation Badge

-Art  Badge

-Camping Badge

-Chess Badge

-Coin Collecting Badge

-Collection Badge

-Electronics Badge

-Energy Badge

-Fishing Badge

-Shotgun Shooting Badge


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