I want to be happy when I grow up

Here’s the link of what I am talking about so you can understand 

What Logan said is the thing that are Mom, Kathryn wanted is to Write about. and the things that make me are First, Activision Because the made a of my Skateboarding hero call Tony hawk and a played his games a lot and i want to play them more because i was good and I think I still have my moves. Second, is meditation which is a good way to release stress and be more calm. Third, is the mountains because we always see the and they are always beautiful. Forth, is camping because i always wanted to know how to start a fire with out a lighter but just in case almost night and i started at  12:00 PM i will use the and i always have a weidling  knife for making bows with Strong string and and nice think piece of wood. so thoughs are the things that i like.


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