If I could turn Invisible what would I do.

Hello, today I am going to write about “what I would do if I could turn Invisible”.

If I could turn Invisible I would First, go in a bunch of Amusement Parks and on a bunch of Amusement Park Rides (by sneaking into the ride, than go visible when no one is paying attention, then I would enjoy it). After I am done invading Amusement Parks, I would go to the movies and watch EVERY movie I would like to watch in one day. After the Movie’s I would go to a Free Play Arcade (A Free Play Arcade is where you pay a small amount of Money like 14 Bucks, and then you get access to all the games, which are free play, which means that you basically you have Unlimited Lives if you wanted to have Unlimited Lives). When I am done with the Arcade, I would… rob a store of like 3 bags of candy, 2 24 packs of coke, and a console of some sort. Once I was done… robbing… I would play on the console, drink the coke, and eat the candy. Once I am done using the stolen Items, I would rob a bank (because if they can’t see you they can’t catch you), because I need money for the stuff you can’t get from the store (Like rare stuff on Ebay or cool stuff on amazon). Than with the money I would buy an Arcade machine and some rare collectibles items like the Sonic Fighter Plushes (They’re actually really expensive on Ebay). After I am done going on a Shopping Spree, I would go to Zoos and free all the under fed animals. After that I would give some of my money to the poor, and the other parts to animal food for the newly free animals, so they can adapt back to the wild. After my deeds I would become a “Inconvenience Hitman” because basically the Idea is people pay you to inconvenience somebody’s day (Like paying the barista to give them a little extra sugar or a little less sugar in their coffee or parking so they have to wait for someone to move to get out of the parking space). After I am infamous as the “Inconvenience Hitman” I would star helping free Zoo Animals on a daily basis until they go bankrupt and can’t pay for it anymore so that my job is done and the animals are free. Then I would starting robbing really rich jerks that don’t do anything but gloat with their money and give it to the poor people and people trying to start up a small business but they don’t have enough money to attempt so and people that business are being taken down by much much bigger businesses.

This is the end of the blog, hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you would do If you could go invisible (would you be good, would you be bad, or would you be both) Tell me in the comments down below. BYE READERS!

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  1. Let me ask you this, son. What would you do to help OTHER people? Would you release animals? Defend those who need defending? Would you give some of your stolen money to the poor?

    Think of the bigger picture.

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