Ipad Mini 4

The reason for a Blog about the Ipad Mini 4 is Because I have one. I got one because my old tablet died. I love it and I’m writing a blog on mine. My brother is also getting one and his iPad is gold and mine is silver. I hope my blog is enjoyable because I’m not the best writer so can I have some suggestions if you can want to.

The Ipad Mini 4 was revealed on the day as it was purchasable on on the same day aswell. It was released alongside the Ipad Pro. It was sold as only 128 GB on March 21, 2017 which was also when the Ipad Mini 2 was discontinued.

It comes in silver, gold, and space grey. It was first $399 to start. Its camera is 8 mp in the rear and 1.2 in the front. I can multi task by having two apps open on the same screen like Google and YouTube. It has more pixels per inch then the Ipad Pro.

The Ipad Mini 4 is really good and way faster then the Ipad Mini 1 which I had. I love it and they are really good and sturdy. My case is stretchy so it holds all Ipad mini. I think they are really and will be better with Ios 11 which will be amazing

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