Jaguars are orange, white, and black. They are also a species of Wild cats. There aren’t many jaguars living in North America but there is a lot of them in Mexico and Central America. They are nearly extirpated in North America since there is about 9 or less. Jaguars are the largest cat species in north and South America and second worldwide after tigers and lions. Jaguars look like a leopard but Jaguars are bigger then leopards. Jaguars enjoy swimming like humans. Jaguars stalk their prey instead of chasing them like other species of Wild cats.

I think that Jaguars are cool. Their coat can be black and the. They are called black jaguars. They hunter larger prey and they are an apex predator. Apex predator means they are on the top of the food chain and don’t have any animal after them. Their conservation status is near threatened which is good. Jaguars have a mass of 120-210 pounds and they live 12-15 years. The oldest jaguar was about 16 years old before it died from unrecoverable kidney failure and a veterinarian had to put down the jaguar.A cool fact about Jaguars is the are introverted and only breed together for a short time compared to horses.

Fun facts

  • Jaguars are born blind
  • Their tails are about 2 feet (0.6 Meters)
  • Females can give birth to 2-4 cubs
  • Jaguars run at 64 MPH (103 KM)
  • jaguars are mostly nocturnal


Fun Facts


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  1. Where is your featured image for this one? 🙂

    I didn’t know that Jaguars look like cheetahs. I always thought they look more like Pumas. We should do a comparison blog between all the big cats so we can learn the basic differences in their appearance.

    64 miles per hour? Holy cow!!!

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