Janus, Roman god of change

Hi, today im posting a blog about Janus pronounced YA-NOOS don’t look up how to pronounce it on YouTube, everyone gets it wrong. The reason I’m blogging about him is because my Succulent is named Janus because its turning red in the summer. Janus is the Roman god of change and is recognizable for having two faces, one seeing the past one the other seeing the future, but also sometimes seen with 4 faces as the spirit of the four-way arch wich makes no sense to me, how does he see the present? Also if he dies in the future how does he see that?

Janus is worshiped in January most, wich is what January is named after. He was worshipped before Rome was founded. There was a temple made for him and a cult for him to (Not anymore I don’t think). Also was called the God of Gods too. Also Janus may have been a person, he was said to be standing side by side with Camelus. Nothing is certain.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and it makes sense. I’m going back to writing after this. But if I blog more about roman gods soon the next post will be about Februus , god of february (Worshiped in february at least.)

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