Cool facts about space

Space is infinitely big , today I have found the coolest things about space that I could find!

  1. Hypergiant stars are very rare, they are the largest star , if the sun was one it would be 1,500 times bigger than it is now and would expand to saturn. They have the shortest lives
  2. The castoris system is a solar system that has 6 stars. Their are two in the middle that are named Castor and the other Polox then the four others rotate around them ( I tried but I could not find them).
  3. The Boötes Void is one that I think is a little scary, it is a 250 million light years  area that has 8 galaxies only and for no reasons.

    From Abovetopsecret
    From Abovetopsecret                          
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  1. Cool stuff Julie! i think Bootes void could also be the name our cat boot’s stomach, Because its never full LOL!

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