jumpoline and yesterday

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog. I know it has been a long time since my last because of break which was nice but I will be writing near daily.

yesterday, we went to a place called  Jumpoline which was very nice and nice to jump around and have some fun. We didn’t get our entire time because we had to left at around 5:40 pm and we had an hour to jump so we only got 40 minutes. They had expensive drinks though so I didn’t buy anything.

We first went to the main jumping area. I got in last because I had a big jacket and a fedora so I had to but my stuff in before jumping. We raced and Everett always won. Then, we went to play dodgeball with another group and I didn’t win a lot but had fun the entire time.

I left and went to the pit and wall climbing area. Thatcher came with me and Boston and Everett were in last. We found another kid and a rope to climb on. Everett on his first try go to the end of the rope and won. I didn’t really go on after that. I pushed my brother and friends into the pit and it was a little funny to see them fall. The staff member said if we climbed up to a red button the person would get vip for the day. We all tried and got close but not close enough.

We had a few more races and went home. It was a little sad we left because we had so much fun and found weird stuff in the pit like a fidget spinner. I hope you found this entertaining and which it was nice and long for the readers


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