Junkrat is another hero is Overwatch. But before we get started I’d like to say thank you to the people who read my blogs. They are really supportive and I like them to have a nice day. Junkrat is Australian and he uses a grenade launcher to fight. he also has a explosive mine to blow people to the air and also his bear trap. I used to play him alot because I got good at him in the beginning. now, I dont because of the changes the developers have made to the character.

His model has his hair on fire and a tire on his back. The reason for the tire is his ultimate ability to control a tire and make it explode nearby the enemy. The tire still has health so be careful to not let them break it. He also has a special abilities so when he dies he drops 10 bombs to explode anyone nearby who is an enemy. I like him because he is a little relatable to me because of some of his lines. I have a decent impression of him that I like and sometimes use in real life to creep people out. I hope I will become even better with him but I am starting to get better with another hero which I will write on Friday because tommorow I will write about Rachel.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write on tommorow and Friday because school is over for us! Bye.

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  1. School is never over as you learn something new every day even when you are a Granny. I like reading your blogs. They are very interesting. Why is Junkrats hair on fire? I look forwa5rd to your next blog. Love Granny XX

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