Today I will be blogging about Jupiter. I hope you enjoy my blog

  1. Jupiter has 67 known moons and 4 rings. Ganymede, one of Jupiter moons is the largest
  2.  Jupiter is named after the roman king of gods.
  3.  Jupiter’s great red spot is as large as three earths and has been around for as long as 350 years. It will be around for at least 186 more years
  4. Jupiter’s days are the shortest out of all of the planets in the solar system. It takes 9 hours 55 minuets and 30 seconds. Wich makes it a little less round.
  5.  A year on Jupiter takes 11.8618 Earth years. ( I could not find days hours and seconds . )
  6. Most of the gasses on Jupiter are ammonia crystals and sulfur and mixes of the two.
  7.   Jupiter s temperature is -148 degrees Celsius or -234.4 degrees farenheight. There was not a minimum-maximum temperature thing I could find.
  8. S/2010 J 2 is Jupiter’s smallest moon, it is barely a mile wide.
  9. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.

  Image of Jupiter from Space Facts            I hope you enjoyed my blog, my next blog will be about Saturn. Also sorry about this blogs formatting, I                                                                          cant figure out why the picture interferes with the text so much

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