Last Night

So last night was awesome some of the kids were out. then I went to king Soopers. When I got home none of the kids were out but one of the kids spotted me and I went in side because I didn’t know. My mom looked out and saw them. All the other kids were out but another of my friends brought his friend. so we tried to play football but it was too dark. so the exact same kid  brought out light sticks and his football so we wrapped  the football with tape and light sticks which looked pretty awesome.

So we played for a little. I was mostly quarterback but I was a little receiver. my brother and my moms boyfriend, Todd came out and  was shooting arrows with lights on them. it was awesome. My favorite part was when Boston brought out his Halloween costumes and tried to scare the other kids.

I hope you girls and guys enjoyed the blog and I will write on monday

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