LED lights

LED lights are cool to me because of the way they work. Some can be used to make it look animated but others can only be the same color at once. I have some around my bed so my bed becomes way cooler then without them. I like mine because it is easier to tell how they work and how they can change colors.

They have a red, green, and blue light on it so they can be different colors. If you have them all on you get white. Red and green and blue make more of a mint green. Red and blue make purple, and red and green make Orange somehow. My can do rainbow and if I have a mode on called music mode where when it hears sound it will display color so some sounds can become even cooler.

My can only be the same color at once which makes the rainbow mode more like a wave but my dad has ones where they can be different color so you can do red white and blue. That is my favorite combination of lights together because it reminds me of England.

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