Lego (Top 20 Lego sets in my opinion) (Amusement Park Edition) Part 1

Hello, Today I am going to try out a new type of blog a Top # List (20 being lowest on the list 1 being the best)

20: Winter Village Market: This is at the bottom because it technically isn’t a Amusement Park ride but it does have a Carousel and some Assets for an Amusement Park so I count in.

19: Spongebob Glove World:  Spongebob Glove World is a really good set for its price I mean it was only 20$ and is still really cheap and its assets are pretty unique

18: Lego Amusement Park Arcade: this set is also more of a Carnival booth then it is a Ride so its pretty low down

17: Lego Amusement Park Bumper Cars: this set is pretty small for a Bumper car thing it only has 2 cars however if somebody got me this set I would buy 3 more of it and stickers for number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and make a huge one

16: Lego Amusement Park Bumper Cars: You are probably thinking this is a typo but I am counting this set as 2 because it has 2 cool ride that are neat this set has this ride that is sorta like this one ride I cant remember.

15: Fabuland Amusement Park: this set would be higher if the pieces were still compatible today but it still holds up today.

14: Lego Friends Spaceship Ride: This set is really neat because it has 3 Spaceships on this ride thing a booth to get in the ride and its really well detailed.

This is the end of my blog hope you enjoyed. BYE

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