Limes are a citrus fruit and you might use alot for drinks or other types of recipes. I like them but this blog will be about there history so lets emerge into the history of lemons which there is only a few things.

The plants are said to have by grown in Indonesia or southeast Asia around 1000 CE . I find that cool how old it is and the next fact I like better. they were used in the 19th century by Pirates to prevent scurvy. The pirates got daily allowance of  lemons. It was first lemon but then lime. they nicknamed it Limey for its use.

Now, I shall right its usage. At then end you will be able to follow the link I will put and see my facts. It is used in alot of food, drinks but a cool one I found was its essential oils were use in perfume for smell and aroma therapy. I would love a lime cologne but back to the blog. a commons one is key lime pies and margaritas. When reading this, I saw that there were lime pickles. I hope they taste good. I had a key lime pie once and I loved it. It is a tie between apple pie and key lime pie but now I am getting of track.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another one soon.


The credit goes to Wikipedia. here is the link to the page I use.

Fun fact: Lemons are less sugary and acidity then Limes.



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