Little things about writing

Hi, today my blog will be little things about writing, also it’s mostly for me so even if it does not make much sense I can understand it. Most of the other writing blogs were just things I kinda made up with some fact, not saying it was fake but it’s how I think stuff works. This is little things I have learned online.

Story start

  • 1 detail who, where, why, not how or what yet because the story is being set, not started yet, you could have little fact sheet on the front cover of the basic details that matter so you can jump right in. 
  • 2 drama. what happens and a little bit of how if you want
  • 3 make it feel like the reader is there, get them absorbed in the beginning so they want to know more.
  • 4 make it interest the reader. Even if they are absorbed does not mean it’s very interesting. Make it interesting before they leave the book
  • 5 Make them fill in some dots, this is how writers meet the readers halfway they need to work, they imagine it and it makes people happy.

Change paragraph when Tip Top happens

TIme, not like five minutes but say they fall asleep or you don’t need to write the car trip. Or if you character can time travel too.

Place. If they walk to a park you can change it or if they take a plane to somewhere else,  and ect.

TOpic. If two characters have been arguing for a bit about camping but one of them changes the subject to cars. Do not change it on little things, say if they were talking about campfires then tents, they are still in the category of camping.

Person. If someone walks in the room or joins in or is being met. Not when the walked out of the room for 2 minutes to get water.

Show don’t tell and Tell don’t show.

So, show don’t tell has a million examples, show so they can get absorbed in the book. Do not explain why your pen fell to the ground and how humiliated you felt and how it was mixed with rage, just say ‘My pen fell in class and I was a bit embarrassed’. Honesty you only should tell if it explains how it affects them or tells more about the character.

Things you should do

Make a chubby character who isn’t the joke of the conversion or just to be bullied, make them strong to, let them be cubby. Make the ‘imperfect’ not have to change or be treated badly. Do not make the anxious kid not anxious in the end, have them adapt instead. Have a character with autism with actual facts, look it up and don’t go to the parents of autistic people websites. They are guessing partially and wont know as much as someone with autism’s blog. Change them be better at helping themselves, and not remove it.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and it makes sense, if it doesn’t good luck. I won’t be able to explain it.

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