LittleBigPlanet Memories

LittleBigPlanet was one of the first games I ever played and I loved it. The grappling Hook was my favorite thing in the entire game. You could hook teammates an climb mountains, Hook to the next platform, or climb the tallest tower. I have fond memories of this game and I will treasure them forever. Let me start by telling you the first memory of the game.

Our dad had told us to follow him all the way upstairs so he could show us something. We went all the way to the attic and he showed us this game. We were amazed by its main Character and the puzzles. Boston and I would play as much as we could of it. I don’t remember any other times of playing in that house. After a year. We got a ps3 to play it on and we resumed from there. We got level packs, Skins, and anything free we could grab.

We had so much in that game that we could play for hours without getting bored. A Year later, We learned you could slap people and what was the best levels. You had to push down on a joy con then aim at a nearby player. Boston and I used this ability so much and we thought it was always funny. The best level to look up on the community page was the fighting one. People would build mechs and you would jump in them and brawl in there arena.

There was a particular level we loved because someone would go hulk and everyone else would try and take him out. We fought so much in that level, We eventually didn’t like it. We played other ones like a ninja level and a Angry Birds one. I still eventually warmed back up to it because it allowed you to fly as well.

The reason I am talking about this game is because we got the newest game in the series. I hope to enjoy it almost as much as the second game but I don’t think I can because of the memories and how long we have been playing the game.

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