Loki (Norse Mythology not Marvel)

Image of Loki’s family tree is from Family tree magazine (Red is female, blue is male and grey is someone who can change genders)

Today my blog will be about Loki in Norse mythology.

Loki’s father is Farbauti, a giant and his mother is Laurfry or Nal and is either a goddess or a giant.

He also has two brothers, Býleistr and Helblinde. He is blood brothers with Odin (Foster brothers but they both drink each others blood mixed with beer). He lives in asgard (The place for two tribes of gods) even though he is from Jotunheim (Land of Giants).

He was once married to Angrboda, a giantess and had together Fenrir (The oldest) Jormungand (Middle child) Hel (Youngest).  He is also the mother of Sleipnir (Yes mother) and had Narvi and Vali with Sigyn.

He is not a god but a giant, he is kida the embodiment of how giants and gods relationships darkening. He is not bad or good, he just likes pranks and being the hero by making a good move at the end. (From what I can understand). After he pranked the gods too much they chained him up in a cave with a poisonous snake over his head that would drop venom on him and kill him. His wife, Sigyn stayed with him and held a bowl over his head to catch the venom.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, when I make blogs about the other people referenced here I will add link. I am not sure who I will blog about next but it will be another norse god, which is what my next big topic is about.

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