London Dungeons

London Dungeon is an attraction where you learn about some of the darkest stuff in London History. One of the serial killers it features is Jack the Ripper. It is like a theatre but it also has can do everything in about 115 minutes. They have two rides ones is a drop ride and the other is a boat ride. I want to do the boat ride.

I think it will be a cool experience because I learn about some history, go on a ride, and have a bunch of fun. I hope nothing goes wrong and we get the best experience possible. I want to do this really badly because for some reason I love this kind of history. I think this would be a cool field trip for school. I cool way to get there would be by bus or the underground. That would be on a day where we don’t need to see somebody so we can do this at like 6-7 pm. I hope we will have a good time going.

Hello, Sorry for not do Ireland’s nation Quidditch team. I was told that I have to do a blog about something in England so I decided to do London Dungeons. I hope it was enjoyable for everyone reading this blog. Have a nice day


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  1. I hope you enjoy it. Your Mother enjoyed it years ago but it didnt have rides then & was not open at night time.I enjoyed this Blog as I dont know anything about video games except there are are many designed to kill people.
    I did not understand about the Irish team. Maybe you can explain this to me?

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