London Underground

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to write about the London Underground. Sorry for not writing till 6PM, I was having a hard time figuring out what to write about but I finally have figured what to write about. I hope you have a good night like i’m having. I also hope you’ll find my blog informational  and I will write next week.

The London underground has 11 lines. In London, I didn’t have a hard time to travel the London Underground but I think my family might of had a hard time. We pretty much went on all the lines which was cool because some were different then others. Some had old looking cabins and others had more modern looking cabins. On the older look train cabins, They had patterns with the eye on it so it was probably made in 1999 or 2000.

Our first time on the London Underground was going from Old Street (a station on the underground) To Kings cross, The famous station from Harry Potter. We decided to go their because their is a shop for Harry Potter, it is huge inside the station, and We get to see the statue of a cart (that you can pose with) going through the wall to get on the train to Hogwarts. When we got their, Their was a huge line to pose with the cart because you could buy the photo but we couldn’t wait so we went into the store. The store was crammed with people and it was so hard to get from one place to another so we were only able to look a little.


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  1. We should rewrite this one together because I think you have more information that you want to share. I saw you looking up the different tube seat cover patterns and I think that is quite interesting.

    I very much liked traveling on the Underground. Why did you think we found it hard? Or might have found it hard?

    Looking forward to going back. Love you!

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