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We live in a tiny house.  I would like to add a hiding place to our house that is dark.  It will be dark from the outside but inside I can have lights.  I would like to go into a hiding place when I am really annoyed and stressed out so I can think.

There are no pictures for it but it can probably go under my Mom’s front bed.  There is storage under the cushion so all we need is a hinge so I can open it and climb in.

The picture I posted is like what I want but the storage compartment in our tiny home is much taller. I can sit criss cross applesauce or lay down.  I just need to bring our LED camping lantern in with me and a pillow and blanket.

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  1. London. I will ask Chris. I bet we can hinge at least one side… All I need to do is great rid of the crap below (that we never use).

    Love you and want you to have your own space that you can share as each person gets grouchy. <3

  2. London, great idea on where you might be able to add a secret place. They have some little lights that you can attach tot he inside that you just press and the lights come on (we used them in our cat box closet.) Then you wouldn’t have to take a light in and out each time. 🙂

  3. Great thinking London.Maybe a tin for little snacks too. Lights sound great & I think add a pillow to sit on Plus a blankie. Hugs my big boy. Thank you for your E mails. I love you. Granny XX I rate it 10 out of 10

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