Lucio is one of the heroes in Overwatch. I have played him alot and I hope you find the character as interesting as I do.

Lucio is Brazilian musician. he counts as a support hero which means he heals the team and make sure everyone is at full health. I like him because of his best ability, Wall ride. The allows him to run on walls and even jump from them. He just has to run around on walls to heal teammates and make them fast. I use the way to make other players fast. I think the developers of the game love this hero. the reason I think that is because he is just an amazing hero in general.

He has a few interactions with other heroes where he wants to race her and one more with another heroes where they want each others signature. I Play him alot in games. His main emblem is a frog which I think is a little funny because of his wall ride ability. He also has 3 abilities. One where he can knock someone off a cliff. another that makes his healing stronger. And finally, One that give his team alot more health to fight the other team.

He is a must pick for healing because of his speed and healing abilities.  I hope you guys and girls enjoy one of my last blogs until after break and I will make sure to write one in the summer though. Make sure to comment about your day. Bye


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