Lumosity and Elvate (DUEL POST)(Non Sponsored 🤣)

Hello, today I (Boston) am going to write about Lumosity and London is going to write about Elevate.

Lumosity: Lumosity is a Learning app Targeted at about 4th through 8th graders that is really fun. Some of the games on Lumosity are Train of Thought (a game about thinking and changing tracks to get trains to their destined Train stops), This Pirate Game (Where you have to get to treasure and avoid other ships by making a track of where your ship will go), a Pet game (Where you have to get pets and go to the homes you send them too) and many many more! This is the end of Bostons Part of the blog ALSO follow the official Schoolhack instagram at school.hackers

Hello everyone I’m London and I’m going to write about elevate. Elevate is a less fun version of lumosity. It has games where you memorize people’s names and what they do. I play one where you match up fractions and change. I am really good at the math games. I do it first thing in the morning since I’m unschooled and it is on my list of stuff to do. I hope they get way more games. I thinks it is easy and fun and it makes me fell nice because I learn about stuff and stretch my mind.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy my blog and I will write on tomorrow. Have a great day.


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  1. Dual. Not duel.

    I don’t agree that the games are targeted for elementary school children. I was telling my therapist that I do elevate and luminosity and she said they are much more complex than the activities they would assign an adult in therapy. I think they’re both great exercises and use your mind for different asks. I’m glad you found them and that we have access to the technology to run the apps on.

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