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Tomorrow’s blog will be about the magical archetype is The magic archetype. I hope you enjoy it and understand it(Because this archetype doesn’t make sense to me all that much).

The magical archetype is a lot like the sage, except they do not just want to know how to do something. They actually do it. They are stubborn and will do anything not to be hurt personally. The lie well and can be monsters and very cowardly. They also do not care that much about other people because they feel they are above them, they just don’t care unless it is necessary for them to get something. They fear being evil and dying. They are easily bored and will try to entertain themselves by learning or doing something. They are willing to do almost anything in the end to protect the world and they want to make them known as a good person to the very end (Like snape)

This is tomorrow’s blog and I hope you enjoy it because I do not want to do it tomorrow so I am doing it now. My next blog will be about the creator archetype, tbh Imma also do it today also.

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  1. The magical archetype sounds like they cannot get close to people, look out for only themselves until a disaster hits and they decide to help others so they look like the hero in the end.

    If the apocalypse could just take out that entire group of people who identify as magical, that would be great.

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