I am skipping Earth because I couldn’t find enough facts on it. So here are some facts about Mars.

  1.  Named after the God of War. Witch makes sense because it has the biggest dust storms.
  2. Mars has very violent dust storms. This is because its oval shaped orbit making it have verry violent seasons and Hot chases cold ,  making it have a on the southern side of the planet have a short verry hot summer while the northern side has a brief but violently cold winter, then the norther side has a long calm summer while the southern side has a long mild winter.
  3. Mars someday will have a ring. This is because its moon Phobos will be torn apart someday because the gravity.
  4. Mars has the largest Mountain in the solar system. Also they have volcanic lava flows so recent that it still may be active.
  5. The reason mars is red is because its soil is so rich in iron that has rusted the planet is red.
  6. Mars may of had life years ago. There is water there but it is all ice now because it is in its ice age. There is proof it had water good enough to drink there is no proof it had advanced life but it may of had microorganisms.

That is my blog on mars. I may make a blog about earth soon if I can find interesting facts on it.

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