Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, here are some facts about Mercury.

  1. Its small and fast, its diameter is 3031.67 miles wide and its year is 88 days.
  2. It name comes from the roman messenger, Mercury because its so fast.
  3. A day on Mercury is 176 Earth days.
  4. Mercury is the second densest planet , the reason its so dense is because it mostly made of heavy metal . Earth is the densest planet .
  5. Mercury has wrinkles because its iron core is cooled and moved around its surface wrinkled , the actual name is Lobate Scarps. The Lobate Scarps can be a mile thick and 100 miles wide
  6. Mercury may have a molten core most small planets cores are cooled due to the size of the core being smaller . Mercury’s core may be still molten because it is about 42% of the planet .
  7. Mercury is the second hottest planet even though it is the closest planet to the sun because venus has verry thick clouds.
  8. Mercury sorta has an atmosphere , also 38% of the gravity on earth .Not enough to keep a complete atmosphere but an bit of an atmosphere .
  9. Mercury has the most craters due to its inability to heal itself witch most planets have the ability because wind or something else.
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    1. Yes because gas planets are mostly gas, and the other rocky planets in the solar system are smaller than earth and are mostly rock than metal is the most likely reason but scientist are not completely sure.

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