Minecraft blog part 3 by London

I decided to make a part 3 so this one will be mobs in the combat book which has a little of the mobs that we will be talking about. the first are silverfishes and they have 4 hearts so it is easy to kill but they come have a lot of them. so make sure don’t bring potions of harming or you could die from them and they spawn in strongholds and they do 1 half heart of damage to people with no armor. next is spiders and have 8 hearts and i thinks to not to be on the lower end cause they jump and they are a pain in the but to kill but bring some speed potions and they do 1 to 1 and a half of damage.

since its getting long here is the last one and its a slime and they have 3 types of them and there called large, medium, and tiny which from this is of there health is 8 hearts, 2 hearts, and half a hearts of health and they all cant swim so drown them and look up there attack strength. so here is the end o blog and sorry for no pictures of the pages because my phone is dead and i am in a hurry because we are having and walking dead marathon

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