Minecraft Redstone

Redstone is a category where you make contraptions like automatic doors and pop up crafting system and a automatic furnace. There is also filters for items and a ton more.

Ive learned Redstone from myself and mumbo jumbo. My specialty is jump scare machines and secret doors. Some things you need circuits which are kind of cool like a t-flop system which is used for buttons to make them like levers which is useful. There is also a book that you should pick up. I have it and I need to read it a little more. I’m hopefully going to build a little today on my IPad. I dont have a world to test on yet but soon I will. Maybe I will make a secret house with a secret block you need to open it aka a secret paper that is named a weirdly as a password on it

there is a really easy trap for door which I will be adding to my secret base. I’m going to make it soon but I don’t know how because I can only play on servers with them and most don’t really allow Redstone but I just came up with an Idea of a Redstone based game where who ever makes the best Redstone contraption wins and they get 10 to 20 minutes to build a trap or contraption and other people vote.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another blog soon.


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  1. You are the best restoner in the family, dear. Do they not allow redstone on most servers because it causes lag?

    I am a sucker for a trap door. I’ll fall through and die so if you have a hopper waiting under me you can have my inventory. Poor Mom. <3

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