Minecraft is a game made out of cubes, you can build houses mess with villagers, the mobs that exist are , Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, Spiders , Enderman,  Cave Spiders, Shulker, Endermites , Slimes, Silverfish , Witches , Guardians , Elder Guardians, Squids , Bats , Wolves , Ocelots(Cats) , Rabbits , Villagers, Golems, Snow Golems , Chickens , Cows, Pigs  , Horse , Blaze , Magma Cube , Ghast , Polar Bear and Sheep.

There are five game modes, Survival which you can die and you have to work to get stuff. Creative you can get anything you want when you want. In Adventure it’s basically survival except you need tools otherwise you can’t do much. In Hardcore if you die once you can’t play and it’s always in hard mode which means that you the dangerous mobs spawn faster. Spectator is when you can die or interact with anything but can fly and see everything. The

Difficulties have 4 types . The types are Peaceful which has no dangerous mobs. Easy is where hostile mobs don’t spawn with armour as common as normal or hard and if you can lose some hearts if you don’t eat. Normal is when starving can happen and will leave you with a half a heart. Hard is where the hostile mobs can kill you faster than any other game mode.

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