Today I am blogging about why we hang mistletoe in our houses at Christmas time. Hope you enjoy

Hanging it in the house started with the ancient Druids. It was meant to ward away bad spirits and bring good luck to the house. Also in Norse mythology it is used as a sign of friendship and love, which is why people kiss underneath it, but actually kissing underneath it, but you had to take a berry from it, when there were no more berries no more kissing underneath it.

Mistletoe is actually a parasite, also even thought it is bad for us it verry good for wildlife, Butterfly’s lay eggs on it, birds eat it and it has good pollen for bees. It is normally transported by bird poop also.

Random facts about mistletoe toe. There are 1,300 know Mistletoe toe versions, more than 20 of them are endangered

I hope you enjoyed my blog, also I have Open Dyslexic (A font for dyslexia on my computer) and it may have messed with the formatting. Let me know if that happened.

Image of Mistletoe from Iowa state university.

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