Modern family Part 1


Modern family is a show about a family in California. There is 3 families. I will call them The Pritchetts, The Dunphys, and the Tuckers. The Pritchetts are Jay Pritchett, Gloria Delgado, Manny Delgado, and Joe Pritchett. The Dunphys consist of Phil Dunphy, Claire Dunphy, Luke, Alex, and Haley Dunphy. And the final family have Cam Tucker, Mitchell Pritchett and Lily Tucker/Pritchett. Jay has a dog named stellas and the Tuckers have a cat named larry.

They first episode is cool because Claire’s actor was pregnant so they had to hide it by hiding it behind stuff. My favorite episode is the 22nd and 23rd episode for season one where they go to Hawaii.

I didn’t really like the second season but I like the 4 season because we got a new character, Joe. I think my favorite character is Phil. He seems so cool and funny. They had some easter eggs like showing a commercial from another. I like that little easter egg was really funny. In the first season, There is a step that has to be fixed

In the 8th season, Alex got sick from the 2nd episode to the 4th episode. In the 5th episode, They had thanksgiving and one of the goats goat killed somehow. I didn’t thank that was funny because Joe liked that goat and I did to. Manny was scared of some farm animal because of a incident and Gloria didn’t want Joe to have a fear of them.

I hope you like part one and I will write one on monday.

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