Multiple types of Christmas Trees.

Hello, today I am going to write about the multiple types of Christmas trees you can buy that our living.

Fraser Firs: Fraser’s have sturdy branches that allow a lot of Heavy Christmas Ornaments, a wonderful scent and needles that stay on way after the holidays.

Leyland Cypress: Leylands are a popular tree in the southeast, Leylands have soft vibrant green branches. They have a great cone shape and like the Fraser’s there needles stay on way after the holiday have ended. For people who have sensitive noses will be happy to know that the aroma isn’t very strong at all.

Arizona Cypress: The Arizona Cypress produces masses of small gray/silver needles on thin branches. It is native to the Southwest, but is available and grown in many Southern countries around the world.

Blue Pyramid Cypress: The Blue Pyramid Cypress is a variety of the Arizona Cypress that as the title suggests it has a blueish greyish color.

Balsam Fir: Found in the Northeast, the balsam fir has a cone shape with short but dense branches, dark green needles, and a Pleasing Aroma.

Bonus: The Sawara Cypress:  Don’t have any space for a huge Christmas tree? Plant one in a small container, The Sawara Cypress is a slow growing, fine textured of false Cypress that has dense silver to blue foliage that is really soft.

This is the end of the blog get ready for the season of Christmas trees, sweaters, and Christmas themed blogs!

Bye Hope you enjoyed the blog!





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  1. Mr B there is 1 more type of Christmas tree…..Artificial. LOL. I like your Blogs when you write it yourself. This looks like you copied it.We have to move our 3 Christmas trees before we can dig our foundations for our extension to the house. How do you move hugs Christmas trees?

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