My 11th birthday

on my 11th birthday I  woken up at 4:00 am  and  it was annoying but at 7:00 all my family (except Rachel) came to where the presents were and The first I opened was 1 pack of pokemon cards. the next was 4 more pokemon card packs and a pin. then it was a minecraft keychain and then it was a 517 pcs minecraft lego set. then I got cards from my granny, dad, and mom. the last 2 things were a pokemon shirt and a 2 liter Mountain Dew bottle. My very final gift was a $20 gift card to steam and I used it on stuff for Team Fortress 2. I loved my birthday because we went to a vegan restuaraunt called WaterCourse which was good. and the rest of the day was great. we gave some cake to a friend named Teddy. My dog was nice that day and It was a amazing day

Hope you guys and liked my blog and I will write another tomorrow.

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