My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up in October 10 and I want to write my list for People who want to buy me gifts like my mom and for people who want to see what im into. Hope this blog is entertaining and maybe helpful. And have a good day.

  1. Pintail Cruiser Longboard. I want it because I skateboard a lot and I want this to also ride with my pennyboard. If you skateboard at all then you know that some board have sides that curve in and I dont like them and a Pintail Cruiser isn’t curved like that. Some I’ve seen had really cool designs and were on sale so instead of $180 it was about $50.

 2.  Pillows. I don’t really know my bed needs more and I love them they are comfortable and I like mine right now. I want the weird shaped ones because they are cool and decorated.

3. 12 pack of Coca Cola. Not much to explain I just have a coca-cola mini fridge so I can have it filled up and have it right by my desk so I can have someone during working or gaming. I think it would be cool instead of going down to Walgreens to get drinks.

4.  More Eminem music. I listen to Eminem so I would want some of his albums on my Ipad to have and listen too when working on it for school.I like his songs but I haven’t listen to all of them and I would like to and see if I like them all because most I like so these should be good

5.  Headset. I want one because of England I need some and for my Ipad and the computer. The ones I want are from sades and are yellow and cost 15 dollars because usually they’re 36 dollars so the deal is nice and they have a mic so I can also talk to people on the computer when doing stuff. if you want to link here it is.

6.  Beanie. I want a beanie for Green Bay Packers. they look nice and since winter is coming and I like beanies I want this. It would be really cool because of the pom pom. I also got a code for free shipping which would also make it cheaper. If you want to be it as well or just look at here is the link.

7. Luigi Hat. I saw the hat at target and I thought it would be cool. I also think it would be cool to wear to school and other places. I can get a lot of complements from friends or strangers. It would also be cool for Boston to get the Mario hat.

8. Overwatch gift card. I want a $20 gift card for the game so i can get 24 lootboxes. I would definitely buy them during the next event to get a legendary from boxes. I might even get two and 1000 coins and get an legendary from the lasts year version of the event.


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  1. Happy Birthday in advance. Love your birthday list. Thank you for explaining about skateboards. It is so good for you to keep moving. I loved to play hockey to keep me active. The pillows sound like fun. What shapes dp you have & what do you want? Your refrigerator sounds like fun. Is it Coca cola red?

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