My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday so today I’m going to write about it. I hope it is enjoyable and I will write tomorrow about Sunday where we went to this really cool place for a birthday party.

I woke up and sat around for an hour until everyone was awake. We opened presents. I got Chips, 2 six packs of Coca-Cola, Bath bomb, Green Bay Packers beanie, Deadpool shirt and beanie, Green Bay Packers pillow, Emoji candy corn pillow, a camera, and a Longboard from Mom and Todd. I got $5.00 each from Boston and Julie. My dad got me Headphones, Luigi hat, and $20 on Overwatch. My granny got me 20 pounds. I love all of my presents and I am so happy about yesterday.

After that we took pictures with the camera. At 12pm, Boston and I got on Overwatch to open boxes since at 12pm a event started so I got 25 boxes to open. I got a few normal legendary and 3 legendary from the event. I was so happy about getting lucky. Boston and I played the new game mode for the event and had a lot of fun. We beat it a few times and lost a few times. It was better then the last event by a mile.

After playing mom came home with the cake . It was all chocolate. I blew out my candles and we dug in. It was delicious. I had some for breakfast. We played a little more of Overwatch. I took some pictures and video. After dinner I listened to Netflix with my new headphones. I went to bed after a few episodes of a show and fell asleep shorty after.

Have a nice day


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  1. Wow London what a great birthday. You had some lovely gifts to help celebrate. So very Happy for you. I enjoyed your Blog today & it was much longer than usual. Cant wait to see you in London.

  2. Sounds like a great birthday. I’m amazed by how good you boys are at Overwatch. I imagine being able to chat live with you team will help. Happy Birthday.


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