My England Adventure: British Family

Hello, I am going to write about my day with most of our family in England. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will more next week. Have a nice day


So we woke up kind of early and ate and got ready to see a lot of our family. I charged my iPad so I could bring it. The drive there was uneventful. When we got in the house I saw a massive beast, a huge Golden retriever. The dog was called Magnus. I have a few photos I took. The dog knew a lot of tricks. I went outside with the massive dog to see what tricks he knew. He knew sit, paw, lay down, and roll over.

Someone let the dog inside. So when I went back in I saw another dog. It was really fluffy and had a white dot on his head. He was super cute. The dog knew sit which was even cuter. I looked around until I saw a lot of snacks where I happily at some bread. I didn’t add butter because it would take longer not because of no vegan butter because there was some. I had, grapes, bread, and chips.

Our cousins were pretty cool just that they were really young and I was faster then them all. They liked LEGO which Boston also liked so they got along great. I didn’t but I thought they were alright. I played on my iPad while they played with LEGO. They made space ships and some of them looked really nice.

Eventually we all went outside and play a treasure hunt where someone hid some pieces of paper and the others looked for the paper. I only hid it which one spot was too good and I left it there which is where it still is now. I think it is kind of funny. We shortly after went on a walk with everyone. I got to walk one of the dogs. The dog was Magnus. I stopped walking him when we hit the trail and he was left off the leash.

All the dogs were left off the leash the dogs didn’t run away which was really cool to see how well trained the dogs were. We walked around until we found the perfect spot to take a group photo. I thank the photo was really nice. Todd took the picture with a 5 second picture wait so he get into the photo. We walked back to the home and got ready to leave. We said goodbye to everyone and left. The car ride was not eventful like the last one. We got home and went to bed.

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  1. Sounds like you went to Auntie Pen & Uncle Nicks house. They have small grand children. Auntie Pen is Grandads sister as is Auntie Ali. Her name is really Alison Its great to see family & friends

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