My England Adventure: Halloween

Today, I’m going to write all about the day we had Halloween in England. Here is some information about Halloween there. It isn’t that big. About one tenth of the houses had candy and instead of lights to tell you where they had candy they used pumpkins.

We started the day differently instead of the usual. (Eating breakfast then leaving) . We left a lot later then usually. After the ride to the train station, We got on a train a ride off. It took a lot of the day till we got to our moms cousins house. We met a kid named Aaron who was really nice. We left after we put on our costume and got ready to leave to Trick or treat. None of the candy was vegan so I dumped it into my brothers bag.

The best part of the day was this party. We met a few kids then went outside and messed around. We wrapped some kids up in toilet paper which was really funny to do. I had some soda, chips, and fries. It was all really good because the chips where Doritos Heatwave which were vegan so bonus. We walked back to my moms friends house where we learned one of the kids were Aaron’s brother. His name is Ethan and he was really like me and knows about a lot of stuff we liked.

The ride back was about 1hr – 2 hr which felt really short since I was tired and wanted to fall asleep. We all had a good night and enjoyed ourselves. I hope you guys and girls enjoy my blog and tomorrow I shall write again

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  1. I enjoyed hearing about Halloween in London. They didnt have that when I lived there. So glad you met my Niece & her children. I have watched all her children growing up & I knew you would have fun with them.
    Looking forward to tomorrows Blog XX

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