My England Adventure: Rides and fries

So today I’m going to talk about a few things we did on one of our days. It was a good fun day. When I woke up Todd, Mom, and Julie were all ready up. I ate my bagel with a cup of soda because my mom bought some the last night. I ate and said thank you to my mom because she bought the soda. When Boston finished after the rest of us. We headed of to the train station. When we got off the train, we all just left the station because we got nothing from there.

We went to the Eye so we could meet up with our friends before they left for Denver. We went to a place called Pure. We ordered Fries and Fried Onions. We all ate the food quickly. We waited at the table so we could talk to our friends and our moms could also talk. We left and said our goodbyes to them. We went to the London Dungeons because we had tickets to go there. Their weren’t many people in out group. We went on a elevator down to a part of the Dungeons where most of The dungeons stuff happened.

The talked about a lot of the darker parts of London history like Guy Fawkes and how he was tortured until he spilled the beans, Jack the rippers and all of his killings, Sweeney Todd and his Barbershop, and a lot more. There was a log ride which was cool and I didn’t get that wet which was a bonus. I thought it was so much fun. It was around 4-5 PM when we decided to go on the Eye. It was a thirty minute wait and a thirty minute ride. I though it was so much fun. Todd took a few pictures and also took time lapse of the whole thirty minutes. We finished and got back on the train and headed home.

The day was overall amazing and I enjoyed it a lot. We all agreed it was a fun day. I hope you all enjoyed my blog and I will write tomorrow as well.

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  1. Wow London that was a long busy day that you had in London.So many things you saw & did. I think you must have been quite tired after doing all of it. I am glad you met up with your Colorado friends. Did you ever work out how many miles that you traveled?.I hope you all thanked Mom for all the hard work she did for you to go & see all the wonderful places. It cost a lot of money that Mom had to work for. I loved seeing the photos of all your Aunts & cousins in England. We have a big family . I look forward to your next Blog.

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