My England Adventure: The Ferry

Hello everyone this is another part about my trip to England. I hope you enjoy this blog because I had fun enjoying my adventure and writing this blog. This blog is going to be about the day after my last blogs day is focused on.also, I’m going to write tomorrow about our family day since the day after this blogs day was a lazy day.

The beginning of this day was like the last. I woke up late and had cereal. I watched a little bit of tv before I headed out with Aunt Alice, Mom, and my siblings (Julie and Boston) we took a bus to a place called Hampton Court Place. It was a home to a king used to live who was very crazy and killed his wife who couldn’t make male baby’s. It is now known why . The reason which is because sperm chooses the gender of a baby.

The place was really nice looking. We walked around the building because it costed money. There was also a enormous garden which was pretty and there was a lot of people and also a few dogs roaming around. We walked around until we found a ferry. We waited for it to arrive.

When the ferry arrived we paid to get on and found a place to sit. They had a place to buy food where Boston bought a drink and crisps. Since Julie also has misophonia so Boston and I moved to the bottom area of the shop. It reminded me of a restaurant area. It was just me and Boston so we chatted a little as I stole a few chips. When we got of the ferry we walked around until we found a bus that took us back home. When we got home it was late so we all just talked, watched TV, ate dinner, and fell asleep.

Have and amazing day.


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