My England Adventure: The first day.

Hello I’m writing another part to my england blog. Technically this isn’t the first day but that day was boring. This day is was more exciting. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write tomorrow as well. Also, my blogs may be later then the rest due to my cold.

– London.

I woke up at about 8am which was late because my mother woke up at 6am. I Ate my breakfast (which was cereal) at this table. My breakfast was pretty good. After a few minutes the door opened. It was our great aunt Alice. She was going to take us to the main city where all the attractions are located. We took a double decker bus to the train station. When we got there mom had the buy herself, me and my siblings a ticket. We put it through this little slot at the this gate which acted like a barrier so people had to pay. There was also people watching everyone in the room you bought your ticket.

When we got on the train, the area we were in was mostly empty so we all sat together except for Julie who switched with Boston halfway. When we arrived at Waterloo station we started walking. We got to walk past the Eye and a few other places. We stopped at a placed called Wagamama to eat. The food was pretty good and we got to have soda with our meal.

We walked out of there and to a museum for the prison, The Clank. It was this really bad prison. Our aunt didn’t go in but she was going to stay nearby. It had prop swords, find the rats puzzle, a box with weird stuff and a lot more. When we finished we walked over to this market where we found our aunt watching this cooking thing. When walked over to this underground station and onto a train for Kings Cross Station. I was really excited because of a Harry Potter shop and statue there.

The station was really cool and big. It took ten minutes to get too the shop and statue. But arrived their was this enormous line to pose with the statue. We took a good glance at the statue and walked into the shop. The shop was crowded but I got to see some cool stuff and a bunch of slithering walked in the buy stuff. It was kinda cool but funny. We headed off because everything their was expensive. We took pictures off the stuff we wanted for Christmas there so mom knew what we wanted to get.

We went on a bus so we could arrive home. The bus trip was tiring and I fell asleep during it. I woke up to get on a train. We hopped o. The train and set sail for home. We arrived the same station we left at and took a bus home. We got home, ate dinner, and went to bed.

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